Announcing the OTW Pinboard Account!

Are you curious about what sorts of information the OTW puts out? Want to point us to useful resources for fans? Want a guide to OTW posts? Check out the OTW’s new Pinboard account!

Why Pinboard?

Users can click on our tag terms from any post on our website, and visitors to our mirrored posts are directed to our website tag cloud at the foot of each post. This can be helpful in terms of finding all uses of a term or to get an explanation of the term, but there is otherwise no way to interact with this tagged material.

The OTW maintained a Delicious account for several years to make it easier for fans to locate and share information we put out. However as many fans know, Delicious features changed after its sale by Yahoo last year and many fans who once used it went on to different bookmarking sites. Pinboard has been a big favorite due to both its features and its fan-friendly attitude.

So the OTW now has its own Pinboard account and we would like you to contribute to it!

The account currently offers bookmarked posts from the OTW website, and further OTW content will be entered in coming months. But we would like to make this account a useful resource for fans looking for all sorts of fannish help and information.

First Friday on Pinboard!

Some of you may be familiar with our First Friday events on Tumblr. As part of our new account’s grand opening, we’re going to borrow the concept for Pinboard this month, with its own twist.

One of our tags is Resources-for-Fans. We would really like to develop this with either OTW information that you have found helpful, or with information produced elsewhere that could be considered a fannish reference or resource. Some examples might be:

  • Entries on Fanlore
  • Tips for recording podfic
  • Reviews of vidding software
  • Fan studies or bibliographies
  • An explanation of how someone approaches beta work
  • Icon tutorials
  • A guide to preserving print or digital collections
  • Tips on using OTW projects in various languages
  • A newbie fan guide to Pinboard

You get the picture! And in keeping with First Friday we will also be awarding 15 AO3 invites which may be used by participants or can be given to a designated friend.

The giveaway will work as follows:

1) Contest participants should tag resources they want to submit with the Resources-for-Fans tag.
2) Members of the OTW Communications team will review existing tag uses of Resources-for-Fans on Thursday, August 2.
3) We will again review them on Sunday, August 4.
4) We will select 15 of the new links to highlight in a future OTW News post.
5) We will contact those contributors through their Pinboard profile information by Tuesday, August 6.
6) Contacted contributors need to respond to us and designate their preferred email account (AO3 invites function through an email message).

Anyone interested in suggesting links can do so at any time by checking out our Pinboard policy.

If you know someone who has a Pinboard account and wants an AO3 invite, let them know! And we hope you’ll all stop by our Pinboard whether you have an account there or not and let us know what other OTW information you’d like to find.


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