Announcing OTW First Fridays on Tumblr!

As an organization designed to support the fan, we’re aware of the importance of following fandom as it migrates across social networks. That’s why we’ve rehabbed and redesigned our Tumblr. By following transformativeworks you’ll get our OTW blog posts along with photos, gif sets, quotes and all the cat macros that make Tumblr great.

In addition to redesigning our layout, we’re also starting a new campaign dubbed First Friday. Each first Friday of the month we’ll highlight a different section of fandom. Whether it’s a specific fandom like Star Trek, Sailor Moon, or Sherlock Holmes, or a fandom practice like cosplay, fan videos, or knitting, we’ll spend the whole day celebrating. For our inaugural First Friday we’re highlighting Archive of Our Own. To kick off the festivities we’re giving away 15 Archive of Our Own invite codes. Simply follow transformativeworks for a chance to win an invite for you or a friend.

Our latest social network endeavor is spearheaded by our Communications volunteer Nistasha. As a freelance social media manager by day and internet scholar by night, Nistasha’s tracked tags include #Armie Hammer, #crossovers and #acafan.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tumblr and celebrating our first First Friday.


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