Announcing the Archive of Our Own Diversity Statement

The OTW is delighted to announce the implementation of the Archive of Our Own Diversity Statement.

The AO3 Diversity Statement is intended to codify the Archive’s pre-existing commitment to open expression and inclusive participation in the Archive project. We, the staff and volunteers of the OTW, have written this statement to express our principles, and to give you, our users, friends, and fellow fans, an explicit set of standards to which to hold us as we continue to develop the Archive. We hope that going forward the Diversity Statement will form a vital part of the Archive experience.

The Diversity Statement has been years in the making, and was spearheaded by the Internationalization & Outreach committee in collaboration with multiple other OTW committees. A big thank-you goes to those committees, especially the Accessibility, Design & Technology committee and the Archive team, and to I&O’s chairs and staffers past and present who put time, thought, and energy into seeing the statement go live.

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