Announcing an anonymous challenge grant!

Exciting news! An anonymous donor has come forward to offer a matching challenge grant of up to US$2000. That means that when you donate now, our anonymous donor will make a contribution of equal value, effectively doubling the impact of your gift.

Starting now, if you give US$10, it’ll be matched by another US$10 and the OTW will receive a total of US$20. If you give US$50, you can opt to get an OTW sticker and iron-on pack and your donation will still be matched by another US$50, making the total impact of your donation US$100 for the OTW. Matching will continue cumulatively up to US$2000 of donations.

We’ll post updates on our OTW_News Twitter account as the challenge progresses.

Now is a great time to give if you haven’t done so yet, and a great time to give a little bit more if you can. We’d love to raise all US$2000 needed to max out our challenge grant, and every donation helps!


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