AD&T Weekly Meeting: 3 October 2009

Welcome to our weekly update from the chair of ADT. All the news that’s fit to print about the progress of the Archive of Our Own is below the cut. Comment or ask questions below or on the original post at We hope you find these notes informative!

Sunday 7:00 – 8:45 which means we finished early – Go [info - personal] bingeling! We then hung around and chatted about stuff though because we ah, like to talk 🙂

Colocation: The (Beta) Archive Of Our Own is now resting on the colocation servers, go watch how fast the filters load! Performance testing went well, we’re happy with the results and many thanks to the people who participated. I’ll be dropping colocation updates from this post from now on and I will probably switch to rambling about performance or code optimising. Having good hardware is about 30% of the battle – now we need to make the code sleek and responsive 🙂

Deploy schedule: We’ve split the work into two separate code drops, we’re taking everything that’s on Test right now and looking to deploy that to the AO3 in about two weeks. The second drop gets roughly 3 weeks to code and 2 weeks to test, making the proposed deploy to the AO3 in early November. It will contain the Invitations code and a hefty chunk of Collections. We’re doing this because Invitations is being integrated into the Collections code (they have a *lot* to do with each other) and needs more time

  • Admin FAQ/Updates: On Test; this means I can move these posts to the AO3, post the FAQ, post a Known Issues page and generally communicate more direct from the AO3
  • Bookmarks: On Test; this substantially increases the functionality and prettiness of Bookmarks – the next piece of work is for users to tell us what kind of ‘views’ you want. Full/Medium/Light would be my guess – but what fields to display in each?
  • Collections: Partially built, not on Test; this first round of development is about importing entire archives, it deals with bulk importing, external authors and invitations. Collections will come in chunks over several drops designed to keep pace with Yuletide.
  • Front Page: On Test; Similar look, new info 🙂
  • Importing: On Test; this is a complete rebuild of ‘import from URL’ and allows a user to import 10 works at once, or up to 200 chapters of a single work.
  • Internet Explorer 6: We get many and varied stats on how much this is in use but more and more it looks like we will not choose to support this
  • Internet Explorer 7: On Test; we’ve a bunch for fixes for the grossest problems – we know there are more to work on but we had to start somewhere!

Open Beta: Early November!
Stuff coming up:

  • AO3 Logo: Right now we have a little ‘house’ favicon that doesn’t scale up well. We’ll put in a temporary logo for Open Beta but long term we think it’s something the fannish community should have input on. We’re wondering if people would like to hold some sort of AO3 logo competition and once we’re not totally focussed on Open Beta we’ll start looking at how to organise that.
  • Support: We got volunteers \o/ I am so pleased! Our communication has not been great. I feel our decision not to respond to individual feedback was justified during Closed Beta (due to a lack of available humans) but it’s not acceptable anymore and we’re moving to change that. We’re creating a brand new team so bear with us as we learn what works 🙂 The lovely [info - personal] zarhooie is working with us to share DW’s experience in this area.
  • Yuletide: (fanlore link for the curious). [info - personal] astolat threatened to cry if she has to run it on the old code again and offered Yuletide as a pilot for Collections & Challenges. It looks like the mods can do nominations and signups on the old code (Yuletide) but we will be importing the database and doing posting on the AO3. This is brilliant in that the AO3 can help preserve a beloved archive and challenge community (plus it will add to the diversity of fandoms in the AO3!) and terrifying as we have to make sure we can handle the amount of simultaneous posting and browsing that’s going to happen in Dec/Jan.

Internship: [info - personal] bingeling‘s time with us officially ends Friday the 9th (*I* am gonna cry) but she has generously agreed to continue working with us. Yay! We had no idea what it would be like when it started but it’s been fabulous for AD&T and I hope it’s been valuable work experience and uni credit for Bing

If there you are things you want to do/say – feel free to share either in comments, or by volunteering, or by messaging or whatever medium you’re comfortable with. You are invited to this party 🙂

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