AD&T Weekly Meeting – 28 November 2009

Welcome to our weekly update from the chair of ADT. All the news that’s fit to print about the progress of the Archive of Our Own is below the cut. This post may also be found on the Archive of Our Own which is commentable by anyone with or without an AO3 account. Comments are disabled elsewhere as we’d like people to be able to share any discussion with each other.

Our fearless leader [info - personal] samvara is off on a fabulous holiday (we hope she’s having a great time!), so we’re sharing chairing duties amongst the rest of the committee. This week brought to you by [info - personal] zooey_glass.

Deploy Schedule: After lots of discussion about timing, we deployed release This includes a few emergency fixes and the first set of the code for Collections and Challenges, which will be needed for Yuletide. Our team of Testers performed heroically to get all the issues included in this update tested out so that we could deploy them to the live site *loves on testers*. Check out the Release Notes for R1789 for more info on what was included.

Open Beta: Still going well! We’re excited to have seen the number of works shoot up to over 21,000 already!

Code: We’ve been focusing our energies on fixing bugs in our existing code and building Collections and Challenges. Our front-end coders are also working on making the site more compatible with Internet Explorer. We’re holding off on adding other new features for now so we don’t get all confuddled with Collections *g*

Invitation schedule: The number of people on the queue has now dropped below 300 for the first time! Last week we dropped down to issuing 30 invitations per day to give our Support team a bit of breathing space and prepare for Yuletide. We reviewed that again this week and decided that we’d stay on 30 per day now, since Support are still busy and the queue is going down.

Stuff coming up:

  • Collections and Challenges: Most of our energies are going towards preparing for this at the moment *wibbles* Naomi has been hard at work coding Collections and Challenges, while our testers have started the first round of banging on things to see if they are working right.
  • Speedy tag editing: Lots of people have asked for a way to quickly edit tags without going through the whole Edit – Preview – Post process. This is definitely scheduled as a future improvement, although not until Collections and Challenges is well out of the way.

If there are things you want to do/say – feel free to share either in comments, or by volunteering, or whatever medium you’re comfortable with. You are invited to this party 🙂

This post may also be found on the Archive of Our Own which is commentable by anyone with or without an AO3 account.

Archive of Our Own

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