AD&T Weekly Meeting: 26th September 2009

We continue to keep you updated on the AO3 by crossposting our ADT chair’s summary of their weekly meetings. You can comment or ask questions below or on her original post at We hope you find these notes informative!

Sat 11pm – 1:30am it was a busy day and a big meeting chaired by our beautiful [info - personal] bingeling who is totally showing off her skillz.

Colocation: Test team has confirmed it’s looking good from a data/functionality perspective so now we’re going look at performance. We’ll be imposing on the Beta tester group to upload as much crap as possible on the 3rd (and I mean crap, we’ll be deleting it after) so as to see how it handles. If all goes well we can start moving the AO3 and our Beta Testers over to our new home

Newsletter Vol. 32. I admit to being amazingly slack, our massive contribution to this document was to point at our AD&T News Post and retire to the fainting couch.

Deploy Schedule: Everything except Invitations is on Test right now – we updated it yesterday. We are of course dependent on Invitations to go ahead and are hoping to deploy that in the next couple of days but we wanted to get the testing team started on all the other changes. We’re willing to accept the risk of changing Test after the testers have started because the Invitations code doesn’t interact with or affect the rest of the Archive very much, plus we’re working through the individual fixes and new code before we start in on regression testing proper.

  • Admin FAQ/Updates: I’ve posted my first ‘Weekly Meeting’ update on Test and shoved in a ‘Known Issues’ page as well! OMG I love you so much.
  • Bookmarks: this looks amazing, the improvements are significant and I love looking at them. We know we need to look at stripped down views next because right now you see EVERYTHING but we want user feedback on what works for you first.
  • Front Page: The new splash page makes me happy every time I see it as do the new navigation elements.
  • Importing: the first round is on Test! Individual user importing multiple works or a single work with multiple chapters plus the ability to edit them en mass. *gloats*
  • Internet Explorer 7: We are deeply grateful to [info - personal] cesy for volunteering – she’s done an amazing amount of work on this and the AO3 should be browsable (we’re not promising ‘pretty’ just yet) in IE7 for non logged in users. Yay!
  • Site Map: It’s a baby site map right now but it’s there and all site-mappy and I love it to bitses

Open Beta: Still on for late Oct / early November but dependent on the Invitations code getting finished and testing clean – we’re talking a lot about communication, support and how to be available to resolve any issues that might arise. I have angst about how many new users we can add and really REALLY want to plan around it. It’s hard to accept that we’re just going to have to start adding people and watch performance and wait. *angsts more* *makes graphs*

Succession Planning: We’re spending time talking about the chair role and what size boots you need to fill it (I’m an 8.5) and if you have to do it the way the previous chair did it (definitely not) and what exactly the chair does (delegates a lot!) which is good fun. I thought long and hard about running for the OTW Board but have realised 2010 is going to be a big year and I do not have quite enough energy to give the Board the love it deserves and do an MBA and support AD&T and work on my other projects.

The ALL-OTW meeting was snappy and also held from 11pm but on Sunday (Monday public holiday for me or I would have begged the rest of AD&T to do it instead – I actually did before I found out there was a public holiday *shame*) The AD&T update was a short novel, mostly about the Colocation, Performance testing and Open Beta but also about who has been involved in making this possible and thanking everyone publicly for their massive efforts and dedication. *loves on AD&T and OTW*

The committee updates were fascinating, AD&T is my first love but I do sometimes get the urge to bounce over to other committees when I hear about what they do. I’m picking out random stuff that stuck with me so I won’t mention every committee but: Docs are the stealthy ninjas of the OTW without whom the org would crumble despite their humble ways and Journal wishes to inform us that NUMBER 3 CAME OUT ON TIME. Hee! We noticed *admires* Geocities rescue project is up to 27 invites and I hear a number of cool other rescue projects (not necessarily OTW or fandom related) are in the works which is awesome. We have a new Systems volunteer and Translations have branched out into French \o/ Volunteers has continued to make it very easy for AD&T to snap up new people. *cough* [info - personal] cesy and Webmasters are OMG so busy.

If there you are things you want to do/say – feel free to share either in comments, or by volunteering, or by messaging or whatever medium you’re comfortable with. You are invited to this party :)

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