AD&T Weekly Meeting: 17 October 2009

Welcome to our weekly update from the chair of ADT. All the news that’s fit to print about the progress of the Archive of Our Own is below the cut. This post may also be found on the Archive of Our Own which is commentable by anyone with or without an AO3 account. Comments are disabled elsewhere as we’re noticing people ask similar questions and would like everyone to be able to share the discussion.

Sunday 7am for me and we didn’t stop for 2.5 hours – see [info - personal] bingeling it’s not just you :p We talked a lot about schedules, communication (especially Support and Tag Wranglers) and held us a workshop on some of the finer points of the Collections design – should they be bookmarkable (we think yes), should the description field be compulsory (we think no).

Deploy Schedule: the AO3 has been updated and we’re now on revision 1585 \o/ Our next deploy is planned for about three weeks from now and will contain the Invitations code and any fixes to existing problems that we can squeeze in – this is the Open Beta drop, we won’t be able to add any more code before we launch.

  • AO3 Logo: We’ve agreed on a temporary logo. I think it’s very pretty and it’s certainly a lot better resolution than our poor little ‘house’ favicon. Our energy is pretty centered around Open Beta right now so finding someone to run a logo competition is going to have to wait – suggestions and volunteers welcome 😉
  • Filters: We’re going to change the filers slightly, we’ll change the Rating and Category tickyboxes to radio buttons to reflect the fact that if you try to select more than one you always get zero results (can’t be Rating=E AND Rating=T at the same time). This way, you can only ever pick one at a time anyway and will hopefully stop people having the frustrating experience of thinking they can have both then finding out they can’t. erm, I really hope what I said made sense – poke me if it doesn’t.
  • Invitations: I can see the code being added to our code repository in great big chunks and [info - personal] elz greeted me this morning with a design question. Yes, some of our features get developed when I’m half awake and half dressed – it’s an excellent system I swear!

Open Beta: Mid November. Our Support team are gearing up, we have plans, plan, plans and I’m only panicking every second hour :p

Stuff coming up: Open Beta! Code Optimising, Yuletide importing (OMG)

Archive of Our Own

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