AD&T Weekly Meeting: 10 October 2009

Welcome to our weekly update from the chair of ADT. All the news that’s fit to print about the progress of the Archive of Our Own is below the cut. Comment or ask questions below or on the original post at

Saturday 11pm – 1am and then I faffed around til 2 and slept in. It was a smaller meeting than usual because of wincon *waves forlornly*

Deploy schedule: the testing team are regression testing on Test right now (yes, that’s a lot of use of the word ‘test’) and barring suddenly finding something awful we’ll be deploying that to the AO3 on the 17th. One of my jobs this week is to write up the Release Notes – made infinitely easier by [info - personal] cal who writes up a ‘what’s new’ document for the testers that I can crib off :)

  • Admin FAQ/Updates: On Test; I’m thinking I might shove some historical updates in when we go live just so we have the history in the same place. We’ve got the draft FAQ up and edited (OMG [info - personal]zooey_glass has worked so hard on it), Known Issues is still written in our peculiar internal language which no-one wants to read – we’ll clean that up for posting I promise!
  • Admin Metrics: This is something probably only I get worked up about – the ability to measure what’s going on on the AO3. [info - personal] cesy has been looking at this which is VERY EXCITING FOR ME
  • Bookmarks: On Test; next round of development will be as a result of public responses – I think we might put up a ‘Bookmark Views’ post so there’s a place for discussion
  • Collections: nothing new to report *pets lovingly*
  • Front Page: On Test; we originally wanted to deploy this page with Open Beta so it has a visible ‘Request an Invite’ link – which is now hooked to a help file saying ‘Coming Soon’ – which it is!
  • Internet Explorer 7: We’re still adding fixes :) If you happen to have Javscript skills we could totally use you right now. *makes grabby hands*
  • New Users: We’re putting in a help page for newly created account holders with tips on what you can do now you’ve got an account
  • Notes field: We’ve added the ability to add Notes at the front and the end of your work – a lot of people asked for this

Open Beta: Mid November, we’ll need enough to time to thoroughly test Invitations and we want at -least- a week, preferably two after we deploy the new code for ‘stability’. That is we deploy, cautiously use it, and eye it suspiciously for a little before we subject it to heavy use.

Stuff coming up:

  • AO3 Logo: We’re going to have a competition! I have no idea who is going to run it, in fact if you feel like volunteering please do. We want someone who can coordinate setting up simple guidelines, who can promote it widely and who can handle the submissions / final selection process. There are a bajillion people out there with those skills so if you can think of someone who might be interested please nudge them gently and ask them why they’d want to sleep at night anyway ;)
  • Code Optimising: Just starting to look at what we can work on – the likely candidates are Search, Filters and Caching but I’d like to do some more diagnostics
  • Filters: We’ll be changing the search filters to be slightly more intuitive (these are the tickyboxes on the right when you’re searching for works). The filters are set to AND, not OR and we do this for performance reasons – we’ll be trying to make that a bit more obvious.

Release numbering: we tend to only do one release at a time so we’ve been referring to them as ‘the one in May’ or ‘the one with the Tag Wrangling fixes in it’ and other such illustrious titles. It gets a bit hairy when we’re planning four in a row though so we’ve gone to a numbering system. Next week’s drop is now called 0.7.0 (first drop to contain serious code contributing to Collections and Challenges) to be followed by 0.7.1 (which has more C&C code) and so on and so forth. The first drop to contain any code for Subscriptions will jump to 0.8.0. This is relevant if you ever visit our issues list as we’ll start tagging things to which release we think they’ll go in. Incidentally Release 0.7.0 currently has 90 patches in it, that’s a lot of work!

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