AD&T Meeting – 6 February 2010

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First fully-fledged AD&T meeting of the year! This week we got stuck into some of the issues carried over from last year, and started thinking about our major plans for next year.

Deploy schedule

Over the last few months, we’ve had a LOT of new code pushed to the site (you may have noticed *g*). We have two more big things in the pipeline (our front end review and a big enhancement for tags) and before those go live, we’re taking the time to do a full regression test. This means that our testers will go through the whole site and check that everything is behaving as it should. Depending on how well this testing goes, we’re planning:

  • 14 February: deploy to Test – tags and front end code!
  • 26 February: a second deploy to Test – more Collections code and a few more front-end tweaks
  • 5 March: deploy to Beta

Planning for 2010

We’ve been brainstorming about all the things we’d like to do this year. This is a process we’re continuing over the next week or so, but the number of things on out list is already reaching scary proportions. We’ll be doing a dedicated post on this once we finish our list, but stuff we’re definitely planning to do this year includes:

  • More Collections and Challenges stuff: we have a lot more code to go in and are planning another couple of test cases to check it’s all working out.
  • Performance and efficiency: we know our code can get a lot faster, sleeker and more manageable, and we’ll be doing some behind the scenes work on this.
  • Search and browse: we REALLY want to improve our search and browse functions.
  • Skins and viewing options: we’ve been promising them for a while, but we will get there!


If you’d like to see a few statistics on the Archive, check out our post on AO3 statistics: January/February 2010.

If there are things you’d like to do or say, please share them in comments, via the AO3 support and feedback form, by volunteering, or in whatever medium you feel comfortable with. As a trial, we’re opening comments on the mirrored versions of these posts (although we may switch back if it turns out to hinder things). Everyone is welcome to this party!

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