AD&T Meeting 21st November 2009

Welcome to our weekly update from the chair of ADT. All the news that’s fit to print about the progress of the Archive of Our Own is below the cut. This post may also be found on the Archive of Our Own, which is commentable by anyone with or without an AO3 account. Comments are disabled elsewhere as we’d like people to be able to share any discussion with each other.

7am Sunday to about 9:30 (sorry to everyone in Europe/UK who were at that meeting and thank you for all the highly productive not sleeping you are doing). We had a rather large number of issues to work through – mostly design questions collated from all the Support and Feedback we’ve received plus some Tag wrangler questions.

  • Deploy Schedule: Release is on Beta now and it’s mighty fine if I do say so myself. The amount of coding and fixes that got created since we launched Open Beta is remarkable and they all got tested in time! The next deploy date is subject to change but will be within the next two weeks and will contain some of the code for Collections & Challenges (and a couple of fixes, if I put the kibosh on them I’ll get pilloried :p).
  • Open Beta: Still ticking along nicely.
    • Code: we’ve fixed a lot of the most urgent problems and are quietly working on designs for half a dozen of the less urgent ones. The longer term changes will be for early 2010 though, we’ve only got 5 weeks left of 2009.
    • Invite schedule: we slowed to automatically issuing 30/day so as to give Support a chance to catch up (in preparation for bringing in Yuletide authors) and we’ll leave it on that for the week of 22nd – 29th Nov then re-evaluate again.
  • Stuff coming up:
    • Yuletide: importing the Yuletide user table and inviting those users. I’m with [info - personal] astolat on this one *runs around in terrified circles*
    • Passwords: we’ll add password validation for people updating their email addresses
    • Tag display: a maximum of 12 tags display on the works blurb, we’ll increase this and add a ‘more…’ option to display all
    • Chapter numbering: we’ll give people the option of overriding the automatic numbering for those who write prologues and epilogues

If there are things you want to do/say – feel free to share either in comments, or by volunteering, or whatever medium you’re comfortable with. You are invited to this party 🙂

This post may also be found on the Archive of Our Own, which is commentable by anyone with or without an AO3 account.

Archive of Our Own

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