Accessibility, Design and Technology Meeting – 9 July 2011

We’ve been really busy in AD&T working on getting our next deploy ready. Thanks to a huge effort from everyone on the team, we expect to be ready to roll our new code out tomorrow! There are 93 issues in the new deploy! 😮

Meeting highlights!

Tag sets

We’re currently working on some new tag functionality for challenges, creating more flexibility for users to create sets of tags so they can, for example, create a list of Asian-source fandoms for a challenge. We spent lots of time in this meeting discussing how we can use the functionality provided through tag wrangling, which creates relationships so that, for example, the Archive knows that ‘Hermione Granger’ belongs to the ‘Harry Potter’ fandom, while still allowing users to create tag sets which include tags that haven’t yet been wrangled by our awesome tag wranglers. We think we have come up with a solution which will combine the best of both worlds; we need to talk to the Tag Wrangling Committee to check out how it will work from their point of view, and then we hope to include this functionality in a mini-deploy coming up soon.

Skins functionality

We’ve had quite a few requests for the ability to include images in public skins. For security reasons, we can’t allow images which are hosted on other sites, but when we begin hosting fanart we may be able to host images for skins. However, this would bring its own legal and content issues, so we have passed the issue over to our Legal and Content Policy teams to discuss.

Browsing enhancements

One of the things that’s been high on our to-do list for a long time is improvements to our browsing system. We’re aware that our current browsing filters leave quite a bit to be desired – the volume of works on the site has somewhat overwhelmed the design. One of our AD&T co-chairs has recently started work on this problem, and is busy coming up with some new designs for us to try out. Go go Elz!

Next deploy

The next deploy is scheduled for Monday 11 July, 2011. It will include a whole bunch of things including our new prompt memes functionality, new embed options to include embeds from and, fixes for the annoying problem preventing some people from posting multichapter works, and much, much more. We’re really proud of how much work has gone into this deploy!

News from our sub-committees

  • Coders have been really busy finishing up the code for the new deploy. They’ve been working hard on fixing bugs found during testing, and have also been participating in our great new training tutorials. Recent training included awesome sessions on JQuery and CSS by AD&T member Ana!
  • Testers have been working triple time to get everything in our giant deploy tested. Longtime tester XParrot has stepped up to become Testing Co-lead and has been working really hard on the issues for the new release – yeay XParrot! \0/

News from our sister committees

  • Support have been working hard to keep up with the volume of Support requests, and have been giving some feedback on the new Support Board as senior coder Sidra works on it.
  • Tag Wrangling have been wrangling hard, and giving feedback on the new tag sets functionality as it develops.

If there are things you’d like to do or say, please share them in comments, via the AO3 support and feedback form, by volunteering, or in whatever medium you feel comfortable with. Everyone is welcome to this party!

This meeting round-up by Zooey

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