Accessibility, Design and Technology Meeting 21 August 2010

All the latest news on the Archive of Our Own! Mobile exports, skins, invitations, and plans for new servers (long live the old servers!)! Mirrored from an original post on the Archive of Our Own.

This meeting was small but perfectly formed, with quite a few of our members off on other business or pleasure.

Plans afoot – new servers!

The most exciting thing on AD&T’s agenda this month was our meeting with our fantastic Systems committee to talk about upgrading the servers for the Archive! Although we bought our existing servers less than a year ago (their birthday is on the 10th September!) the Archive is already growing beyond their capacity – we now have more than 8000 users, who create more than a thousand new works each week! In this month’s meeting we discussed what kind of setup we want to move to and set the process of getting quotes in motion – so exciting! The new servers will remove one of the main obstacles in the way of hosting fanart on the Archive, so we’re extra excited about having this in sight. \0/

Next deploy – shiny new features!

Our work testing the new code on our Test archive is continuing, and we hope to deploy these new features to the real Archive by the end of August. This is going to be an awesome release with some hotly anticipated features!

Mobile Exports

Yes, you read that right, the forthcoming release will introduce the option to download works to enjoy offline on a variety of mobile devices! You’ll be able to export works in mobi, epub and pdf formats! Lots and lots of users have asked for this feature, and with mobile devices like the Kindle getting ever more affordable we think this feature will be useful to lots of fans! A very special thank you to the lovely Meri_Oddities and Melina, who gave a little inducement to our coders to move forward on the plans for this feature in the form of a generous donation to the OTW and invaluable technical assistance. Their support made us very happy, and we know the results will make our users happy too!


Yes, we’ve been babbling about these for some time now, and they are really on their way! We’re jazzed about them both because we know fans love pretty customisation, and because they make it MUCH easier to cater for people with specific viewing requirements such as low contrast or large fonts. Accessibility is really important to us and we’re happy to be able to introduce this feature.

Invitations on the Archive!

We’d like to remind everyone that the Archive is very much an open party! We’re still invitation only, as we need to monitor the number of new users in case of unexpected problems, but everyone who joins our invitations queue wll receive an invitation, usually within a few days. In addition you can share the love by going to the Invitations tab under your user home and requesting some invitations to give out to your friends. If you want to run a challenge or move a larger community to the Archive, feel free to make a request for a larger number of invitations – just let us know what you want them for. We’d love to see a more diverse range of fandoms on the Archive – there are now over 5000, but some are definitely better represented than others!

News from our sub-committees and sister committees

  • Coders are fixing bugs in the new code as our testers find them, writing automated tests, and trying to sneak other new features in under the nose of their chair *g*. They’ve also welcomed several new coders and run some fabulous training to help other coders develop,
  • Testers are working on our new set of code on the Archive, and thinking about the epic tasks ahead when we do our big upgrade to Rails 3.
  • Tag wranglers have been putting together new policies on terminology (there’ll be a couple of changes in upcoming releases), talking about better handling for tags in challenges, and generally being busy.
  • Support have been busy busy bees as usual keeping up with a host of user queries, from problems with sign-ins to help on running challenges.

If there are things you’d like to do or say, please share them in comments, via the AO3 support and feedback form, by volunteering, or in whatever medium you feel comfortable with. Everyone is welcome to this party!

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