Accessibility Design and Technology Meeting – 20 February 2010

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It’s been a busy month, inside and outside the OTW, which is why this meeting report is *cough* a little belated. In AD&T we’ve been continuing to do lots of work on getting our house in order, liaising with other committees, and overseeing the CRAZY amounts of work done by our subcommittees \0/

Deploy schedule

Our deploy schedule has been shifting around due to the immense amounts of work done by our coders! However, we deployed lots and lots of new code to our Test archive on the 5th March \0/ More News about its progress to the main archive site in the next meeting report.

Cool admin stuff

An intrepid group of AD&T-ers met with Support and other interested people to talk about our process for managing our Google code issues and feature requests. This sounds dull as ditchwater, but in practice it should mean that we do a much better job of keeping track of bugs and features when they’re being passed from one team to another, which means everything should run a lot faster (good news for our users). Even more excitingly, we started drafting out a plan for a more public feature requests interface, so that users can give us more input on what they want (you’ll still be able to communicate privately if you prefer).


Our coders continue to do a phenomenal amount of work – although it’s been a while since we dropped new code, this is because they have been engaged in massive feats of coding which affect huge swathes of the Archive and had to be bundled together. It’s coming very soon – watch out for more news.

We’ve welcomed several new coders – Ronan, amc and Ira all committed their first new code – and we’re looking at our training to see how we can make it easier for more people to get involved.

Tag wranglers

Our brilliant new tag wrangler leads, Renay and dizmo, have been working like crazy to manage their giant group of volunteers and improve the way tag wrangling works. They’ve also been gearing up for the exciting new tag wrangling code interface, which includes lots of things that will make for much better organisation – coming SOON to an archive near you!


Our testers have been conducting a massive regression test (where they check the whole Archive to see nothing hinky has crept in), while waiting for the new code to give them even more work to do!

Cool stuff on the way

  • Tag only edit – Everyone has been wanting this for a LONG time and it’s finally becoming a reality!
  • User icons – Another thing we’ve been wanting for FOREVER and will finally be getting!
  • Accessible code – The big front end changes which have been made by the lovely lim involved a lot of rewriting code to make it validate. This means it will be a lot more accessible, and if you’re someone who’s been frustrated by some of the oddities which had crept in to our front end code, the upcoming revisions should make you happy. Users of assistive technology will be especially benefited.

It’s wonderful working with this amazing, dedicated team of people – even when it seems like we’re being quiet, there’s always a hive of activity underneath the surface.

If there are things you’d like to do or say, please share them in comments, via the AO3 support and feedback form, by volunteering, or in whatever medium you feel comfortable with. As a trial, we’re opening comments on the mirrored versions of these posts (although we may switch back if it turns out to hinder things). Everyone is welcome to this party!

Mirrored from an original post on the Archive of Our Own.

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