852 Prospect: Not Coming As Soon As We Thought

Dear Sentinel fandom!

We’re writing to let you know that the import of 852 Prospect into the Archive of Our Own (which we announced in May) is not going to make its August deadline as we first expected.

The import was rescheduled due to performance issues on the Archive, which are still being worked on by our coders. The Archive’s next code deploy is scheduled to occur in a few days, but the import code is still being finalized and needs to be tested. Furthermore, as the new filter code is not yet ready, its absence would be a matter of concern for users who will want to search within an imported collection.

We want to make sure everything is working smoothly at the Archive before we import 852 Prospect. Archive imports are a major process for all the committees that work on the site, so everyone wants to be as prepared as possible for any snags that may occur. We thank all of you for your patience as these changes are implemented, and if anyone has further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Open Doors.

Announcement, Open Doors

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