24/7 DIY 2010: Collective Action program posted online

The 24/7 DIY Video Summit organized by USC’s Institute for Multimedia Literacy has produced a new feature-length program of the latest in DIY video, including fanvids, amvs, prvs, machinima, lip dubs, literal videos, videoblogs, and YouTube videos. The show, 2010: Collective Action was shown at the Hammer Theatre in L.A. on October 5, 2010 and featured a keynote talk by Henry Jenkins. The video program is now online and parallel events are being scheduled at locations around the country.

Vidding fandom is represented in the program by kiki_miserychic’s “I’m on a boat,” Obsessive24’s “Piece of Me,” and Hollywoodgrrl’s “Art Bitch.” A fuller program of vids, as well as of each of these other genres – amvs, prvs, etc. – will appear on Henry Jenkins’ blog over the next few months. OTW Board member and Vidding Committee chair Francesca Coppa curated the vidding section; Tim Park curated the anime music videos; Jonathan McIntosh curated the political remixes.

24/7 DIY 2010: Collective Action from IML @ USC on Vimeo.

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