2024 Candidate Q&A and Chat Round Up

The Election season is in full swing! Live chat with candidates is coming up soon. You can find links to the candidates’ answers to your questions at the bottom of this post.

Live Chat

There will be one live chat session with all four candidates lasting ninety minutes. Chat will take place in our public chatroom.
It is scheduled for:

The chat will provide attendees the opportunity to ask the candidates questions not already covered in their platforms, bios, and Q&A, as well as to ask individual questions of specific candidates. New questions will only be accepted during the first hour of the scheduled chat time to make sure candidates have time to appropriately address them all.

Please note that though the link to the public chatroom is already active, chatting capabilities will not be enabled until approximately half an hour before the chat is scheduled to begin.

Read on to learn more about using Discord.

  • On the login page, you’ll need to provide a screen name.
  • Once you enter the server, you’ll find a list of users on the right and a list of chat rooms on the left. Settings are available via the gear icon on the lower left, near your screen name; there you can choose whether you prefer a dark or light chat room appearance, among other options.
  • There will be four rooms available to chat attendees who are not candidates or Elections Committee volunteers: general, candidate_chats, open_chat and questions.
    • General is where you’ll find a list of rules for the chats. Please read through these carefully before entering the other two rooms.
    • Candidate_chats is where the candidates will answer questions and debate among themselves. Only the candidates and moderator will be able to chat in this room.
    • Open_chat is where all attendees can participate and talk to each other. We ask that you try to stay on topics related to the election. A moderator will be in the room, so if you have a question for the candidates, you can signal the moderator with o/, the candidate’s name, and the question. Use o// if it’s a follow-up question to the current discussion.
    • Questions is where the moderator will compile a list of all questions. Only moderators will be able to chat in this room.


When we posted the Board candidates’ bios and platforms, we asked the public to submit additional questions for them. Once again, our sincere thanks to everyone who did so! We will be posting groups of questions as the candidates finish their responses.

To navigate answers by individual candidate, please use the links below:

The following is a list of the topics covered by the questions. Clicking on a topic will take you to the tag containing all the candidates’ corresponding answers.

To read all the posts regarding Q&A, simply select the 2024 Q&A tag.

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