2023-2026 OTW Strategic Plan Approved

The Strategic Planning Committee and the Board of Directors would like to announce that revisions to the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan are complete. After the end of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, we underwent a rigorous research and drafting process to determine the OTW’s priorities and goals, as well as the steps we would need to take to accomplish them over the next three years. The plan does not limit the organization to these goals or projects, but rather provides guidance and direction on a general path forward.

The Strategic Plan is a document intended to guide the progress of the Organization’s work over the next several years, and is based on the Vision Statement, which has been public since July 2022. The Strategic Planning Committee received and implemented
lots of great responses during several rounds of volunteer and chair feedback.

Strategic Planning would like to thank the OTW’s volunteers, donors, supporters, users, and broader community for their patience and engagement. The support of our community continues to make it possible for this organization to be proactive about
our role in fandom and beyond, and continue to serve fans.

Implementation of the plan begins July 2023. The Strategic Planning Committee will use an implementation support plan to outline the ways
that our committee and the OTW are committed to the success of this plan.

We invite the public to check out the Strategic Plan Visual Timeline (with alt text here) or the text-only version of the plan available below to learn about the future of the OTW and its projects.

2023-2026 Strategic Plan

Each goal of the plan fits within a larger theme goal. The plan responds to themes from the Vision Statement and beyond, including Diversifying Spaces, Internal Stability, Paid Staff, Governance Development, AO3 Development, Cybersecurity, Diversification
of Fundraising, and External Communication.

3 months:

  • Strategic Planning Committee begins Implementation Monitoring support to ensure progress on goals.
  • Diversifying Spaces – Diversity Consultant Research Officer: Diversity Consultant Research Officer (DCRO) provides their first report to the Board.

6 months:

  • Diversifying Spaces – Recruitment: Each committee will have reviewed research on and taken action to improve diversity and decrease bias in candidate selection processes.
  • Paid Staff – Paid Staff Transition Officer: Paid Staff Transition Officer (PSTO) is selected and begins research.

9 months:

  • Cybersecurity: Initial steps for cybersecurity goals are complete, and continuing sequence is begun.

12 months:

  • Diversifying Spaces – Volunteer Coalitions: Research into volunteer coalitions is completed and initial volunteer coalitions start being formed.
  • Internal Sustainability – Succession Planning: Committees and workgroups will have a plan in place to handle the planned or unexpected loss of an essential volunteer.

15 months:

  • Paid Staff – Feasibility Research & Needs Assessment: Paid Staff research on feasibility and need is complete, and final findings are presented by PSTO.
  • Governance Development – Governance Research Governance research from prior plan finishes being presented to Board and members.
  • Internal Sustainability – Retention: Organization retention data and research is internally published.

18 months:

  • Internal Sustainability – Documentation: Committees finalize processes for reviewing documentation.
  • Paid Staff – Paid Staff Transition: A decision is made on incorporating paid staff, and transition begins.
  • Diversification of Fundraising – Research on Fundraising Methods: Review of the current fundraising model, its internal and external impact, and potential fundraising methods is underway.
  • External Communication – Strengthen Overall Communications Strategy: International and multilingual external communications strategy is clarified and further developed.
  • External Communication – Strengthen Consistency and Reach of Public Messaging: Clear guidance for consistency across our platforms to support raising awareness of the OTW mission is developed.

24 months:

  • Internal Sustainability – Conflict Management: Procedures for dealing with personnel conflict are drafted, approved, and put into practice.
  • Diversification of Fundraising – Fundraising Planning Report: Research findings of the internal review and external research on fundraising methods and other non-profit fundraising is compiled and shared.

30 months:

  • Diversification of Fundraising – Review and Implementation: Fundraising research is assessed and a decision on implementation is made.

33 months:

  • Governance Development – Governance Proposal: Governance proposal(s) are shared by the Board for feedback.

36 months:

  • Governance Development – Governance Implementation: Governance proposal feedback is gathered and the Board decides on implementation.

Ongoing Work:

  • AO3 Development – Continued Maintenance and Support of AO3: Regular maintenance and support to ensure the AO3 site is stable, secure, and performant.
  • AO3 Development – Privacy and Compliance: Review and overhaul of cookies & cookie policy to meet the requirements of privacy laws.
  • AO3 Development – Internationally-Accessible AO3 Interface: Finalize multi-language email notifications and pursue possible avenues for making additional user-facing text translatable.

Every 3 months:

  • Diversifying Spaces- Progress Report & Diversity Consultant: DCRO provides report and update on latest findings. This report will be shared both internally as well as externally to users.
  • Paid Staff – Paid Staff Transition Officer: PSTO provides report and update on latest findings.

Every 6 months:

  • Diversifying Spaces – Volunteer Coalitions: DCRO/Consultant checks in with Volunteer Coalition leaders.
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  1. fiercynn commented:

    i appreciate getting an updated timeline on otw’s plans for the next three years, but it’s not very helpful/clear to have to look at multiple documents (the 2022-2025 vision statement, this “strategic plan”, and the implementation plan) and then try to figure out myself how they fit together. the point of a strategic plan is to tie all of these elements together – how do these targets and timelines connect to the organization’s larger vision? how has community and stakeholder feedback been considered? how will progress on each of these targets be monitored/evaluated? what will happen if certain goals/targets AREN’T achieved according to the timeline?

    additionally, you mention that there’s been a lot of feedback in the year since the 2022-2025 vision statement was first posted, but shouldn’t you then provide an update TO that vision statement incorporating that feedback? (i would also recommend actually linking to that vision statement in this post so that people can find it)

    imo a strategic plan should be somewhat easy to read even for someone who is new to the organization. this plan requires not only a lot of work from the reader, but doesn’t situate these goals or actions as part of the larger mission and purpose of the organization, including how that mission and purpose may be evolving.

    • Claudia Rebaza commented:

      Hello fiercynn — I have added a link to the Vision Statement to the post, and am passing along your comment to the Strategic Planning Committee — Claudia Rebaza, OTW Communications

  2. Alessandra Veliz commented:

    Amazing, thank you for sharing this.

    I would love to promote this post significantly and work on an awareness and support campaign if that’s allowed in any way. Are there any tools or processes for being able to do so?

    I often find anyone I know who uses AO3 is very invested in the sites viability, survival, and progress. Myself and a lot of my fellow creators would be thrilled to offer promotion and resources to boosting AO3’s reach and success.

    Please let me know if this would be alright.

    • Harley G. commented:

      Hello Alessandra — Thank you so much for reaching out! We have several Communications volunteers beginning work on goals established to strengthen our overall communications strategy who would love to speak with you. You can reach us by using our contact form https://www.transformativeworks.org/contact_us/ — Harley G., OTW Communications

  3. You're Horrible People commented:


    Anything to say about your retaliation against a volunteer of color for making the white racists running AO3 uncomfy-wumfy by speaking out against racism?

    • We are beautiful ppl commented:

      I do have something to say. Volunteers of whatever skin color should stop being Karens and scream racism fucking everywhere. I am so bored with this shit.