2012 OTW Board Candidates

And now for (some of) the news you’ve all been waiting for: the details of the OTW’s 2012 Election Season.

We have great news for you: three fabulous people are joining the OTW Board! Because only three candidates came forward, we won’t be holding a contested election this year. However, they are all awesome and eminently qualified for Board service. Without further ado, let’s introduce them (in alphabetical order by given name).

* Andrea Horbinski
* Eylul Dogruel
* Franzeska Dickson

We would like for all of you to get to know them and to ask questions about the experiences and ambitions they bring to the table. To this end, we’ll be hosting a chat soon – we’ll announce the time later this week. Alas, the tea and coffee we can provide will only be virtual, but you are welcome to bring your own mug to the computer. We will also be posting their candidate biographies and manifestos soon.

Although we didn’t get to hold a competitive election this year, we are delighted to have attracted three such marvelous new Board members. Welcome, Andrea, Eylul and Franzi!

There will be another election next year, when three board members’ terms expire (Francesca, Kristen and Ira).

If there’s anything we didn’t cover here that you’re concerned about, or if you want any more information, please respond to this with any questions, comments, or objections you may have. You can reach the Elections Officer by using the Elections contact form; you can reach the whole Board by using the Board contact form.

  1. Moh commented:

    It would be great if you did not hold a chat, but instead held the discussion in a comment-based space like Dreamwidth or LiveJournal, or in an online forum. Chats are highly exclusionary of anyone who cannot be online during a precise time-window, and they do not leave a record which others may look at (and interact with) at a later time.

    It is incredibly frustrating to consistently see this organization schedule chat times which are impossible to attend, when I have no problems keeping up with complex and interesting discussions in comment-based spaces.

    Chats: generally great if you are in the US or Europe. Not at all good for the rest of us.

    • Jenny Scott-Thompson commented:

      Hi Moh,

      Thanks for your feedback. We will be providing transcript, as we’ve done in previous years, and you can comment and interact on that transcript. We also usually try to provide three times, spaced equally around the world, though that’s not always possible. We don’t yet have a forum that we can use, and don’t want to pick either Dreamwidth or LiveJournal over the other for official use, but we always welcome comments on our posts. If you have particular questions for the candidates you are invited to ask them here.

      Jenny, Elections Officer

      • Query commented:

        Is there a reason you wouldn’t consider holding discussion in the comments of a blog post here instead of/in addition to a chat.

        Chats are incredibly inconvenient even when they’re held at different times. They don’t give a person a lot of time to think about what they want to say. You might not have a forum, but you do have a place where users can comment in a fashion similar to DW and LJ. It seems like a reasonable solution.

        • Jenny Scott-Thompson commented:

          We are holding it here in addition – go ahead and ask questions!

          Part of the aim of the chats is to put the board members on the spot in that sense, because that is a more realistic test of how they will handle a good proportion of the work of the board.

      • Pucky commented:

        Hi, I’d love to have a forum/comment based conversation, instead of a chat as well. A chat makes it really difficult for anyone unavailable on the exact time to communicate, plus the comment section offers both parties more time to think and interact and convesations can be threaded for ease.

        A large part of the fanbase around AO3/OTW is used to the LJ/DW comment section discourse, and you’ve done a marvelous job of recreating that section for both this site and Ao3, so being able to use that even for this would be wonderful!

        Thanks, again. 🙂

        • Jenny Scott-Thompson commented:

          You are very welcome to have a comment based conversation. We will be posting transcripts shortly, so you can comment on those, or you can ask questions directly of the candidates here.