2011 OTW Board Election Ballot Now Closed

The polls are now closed; many thanks to all our voters and candidates! This year, 555 out of 845 — 66% — of eligible voters cast their ballot. If you would like to pick up an “I Voted!” banner, please check our previous post!

Our awesome staff are working on the election results right now. As per our Elections Timeline, if we don’t have the results ready by midnight UTC (check the time in your area), we’ll post a status report. The deadline for posting the election results is Monday, 21 November. After that, 23 November is the deadline for candidates to request recounts, revotes, or clarification of results, and, if any revote is determined to be necessary, it will take place no later than 7 December. Finally, 9 December will be rollover day, when we welcome our newly elected Board members.


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