2010 OTW Board Election Results

The results of the election are in. In alphabetical order:

Francesca Coppa
Ira Gladkova
Kristen Murphy

Congratulations and thanks to all our candidates, each of whom is incredibly qualified and hard-working. We are proud to work with every one.

Board members from this election will serve for a 3-year term.

Please feel free to contact Rebecca Tushnet, our elections officer, with any questions. For an overview of the election process we used, a variety of preferential voting, see here.

3 thoughts to “2010 OTW Board Election Results”

  1. Perhaps this will info will be released later, but I’d be very interested in seeing an election results breakdown, as well as the % of voting members that actually took part in the election.

    1. You’ll get a response here from our elections officer soon (she’s afk just this minute). I’m just commenting now because I wanted to make sure you knew we saw your question.

    2. Thanks for your question. 294 of 670 eligible voters cast a vote; some voted for only one or two candidates, so the numbers get a little complicated. In the absence of a challenge, we don’t plan on releasing a results breakdown because that could look like a ranking of the new board members.

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