2010 mid-year Abuse report

Time flies when you’re having fun — it’s time for the report from the Abuse committee already! We are delighted to inform you that this will be a really short report because everyone on the Archive of Our Own has been busy having fun, too, and has left us alone.

Since the Archive of Our Own went into Open Beta in November 2009, the Abuse committee has dealt with a total of seven cases. Of these, three involved warnings concerns, two were fannish next-of-kin arrangements, one was a fair use concern, and one was a spam report.

All of these cases have been resolved.

We remind users that the Terms of Service are always available for your perusal, before and after you get an invitation to the Archive, and that we are here for you! Go forth, enjoy the Archive, and be excellent to one another.

Abuse Committee, July 2010

Archive of Our Own, Report
  1. uisdanna commented:

    love it when we all play nice together
    thanks for the update and your great work

  2. Green commented:

    nice! I’m glad no one gave you guys too much trouble. 😉