2010 Annual Report

The OTW has just released its 2010 Annual Report (.pdf, right click and save), a summary of our past year, our goals for the next year, and our financial position. (We try to release this around tax time every year.) You can find it on our Reports page as a.pdf; .html will be available soon.

  1. facetofcathy commented:

    I’m curious after looking at the annual report about one thing. Bearing in mind I’ve never looked at a US non-profit statement before, but are you not depreciating your fixed assets? Do you not have to?

    • fcoppa commented:

      *waves hands and is not the money person* – will get one of our Financial team to answer, so hang on!

    • Sheila Lane commented:

      (that’s not true) (technically it’s accrual)

      We do depreciate our fixed assets – the simplified balance sheet we’ve been publishing for the last couple of years didn’t show that, because it wasn’t a material amount, but since there’s interest in it (hi! thank you for showing interest!) and since we have more machinery and equipment this year, I’ll make a note to put it in next year’s report.

      For this year, depreciation is 3,568.64.

      If you need more detail, or have more questions, please feel free to ask. (although there’s always the danger I’ll start sending you love letters asking you to join FinCom. *g*)

      Thanks so much,

      • facetofcathy commented:

        Thanks for your answer, I was just confused by the opening and closing Fixed asset numbers being the same.

        And just as soon as you move the OTW to Canada, where I have looked at non-profit financials until I’m red in the eye, I’ll consider lending a hand, it has been over a decade though, I’ve forgotten more than I know.

  2. Cesy commented:

    We achieved so much last year that I’d forgotten about! \o/

    Thank you for producing this report. It’s great to hear what other committees have done as well.

    The income figures mentioned the two membership drives, but it looks like there was a fair amount of other income. How much of that was grants as opposed to monthly or one-off donations outside of the membership drives?

    • fcoppa commented:

      I am pretty sure – though will double-check – that our other income results from a steady stream of donations at other times of the year and *not* (yet) from grants. Devmem has however been working very hard on a number of grant applications: in my own experience (swaps off Comm hat) grants usually come after a person or org has applied once or twice in the past. So it’s important to start applying and to keep applying.