100k Works!

Congratulations to the Archive of Our Own and to all of our users on reaching the amazing total of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND WORKS. Nearly 8500 fans archiving their work in just short of 5500 fandoms — we might not be able to say that there’s something there for everyone yet, but we’re getting close!

We’re less than a year into our open beta phase, and the AO3 has grown and improved daily, with help, support, and feedback from fans all over the world. The AO3 is an important and groundbreaking open source project, one of the only such projects in the world where women are in the majority, and where we welcome anyone who wants to help.

This is our place: we’ve built it, we can keep it. We have a home where we aren’t merely tolerated, but welcomed.

Fandom. We’re amazing, you know? \o/

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  1. Pslasher commented:

    \0/ \0/ \0/

    that is an amazing milestone! Fandom IS amazing!