Application: Fanlore Staff

Position Title: Fanlore Committee Staff

Organization name: Organization for Transformative Works

Committee: Fanlore Committee

Reports toFanlore Committee Chair

Time Requirements: 5-7 hours per week

Term: 1 year

Role overview: Fanlore staffers make plans for how best to promote Fanlore and help it reach new potential users. They help shape Fanlore policies and guidelines, assist and collaborate with Fanlore gardeners and graphic designers in developing and publicizing the wiki and its activities, and respond to user enquiries, complaints and requests for assistance.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Promote Fanlore and its user community.
  • Plan activities, policies and various improvements for Fanlore, participating proactively and constructively in internal discussions.
  • Maintain a presence on Fanlore as an editor, and carry out edits relevant to staff work where appropriate.
  • Attend meetings and participate in discussions outside of meeting times via email and chat to advance the committee’s projects and activities.
  • Write and proofread external and internal documentation.
  • Keep track of queries and complaints coming through on the Fanlore and gardener mailing lists and discuss and respond where appropriate.
  • Communicate with Fanlore users to resolve conflicts and enforce Fanlore policies.
  • Participate in discussions among Fanlore users on article talk pages in the wiki.
  • Communicate with fellow staffers with regards to their progress on assigned tasks and projects.
  • Communicate with Fanlore chairs with regards to availability, progress on tasks, and any issues that arise that may impact committee work.


Helpful, but not required:

  • Experience with Fanlore as a user
  • Experience with Fanlore editing
  • Experience with MediaWiki, wiki structure and wiki templates
  • Experience in writing help documentation
  • Familiarity with “fair use” under United States copyright law

Skills and attributes:

  • English fluency
  • Interest in wikis, wiki editing and moderating discussions
  • Interest and ability in writing and proofreading/copyediting help documentation
  • Good communication (writing) skills
  • Ability to work successfully in a highly collaborative environment while completing individual responsibilities
  • Willingness to learn about the OTW, Fanlore policies & procedures, and the platforms used by the OTW for internal and external communication
  • Ability to respond to users in a courteous and professional fashion under all circumstances
  • Ability to handle confidential information, especially with regard to privacy concerns.

Training requirements: New Fanlore Committee staff will be provided with information and training by the Fanlore Chair or other Fanlore Committee staff in each of the following areas:

  • Fanlore procedures and policies
  • Fanlore Committee internal documentation
  • Fanlore Committee software tools
  • Fanlore Committee basic tasks