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This Week in Fandom, Volume 64

Welcome to This Week in Fandom, the OTW’s roundup of things which are happening! Before we start, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our October membership drive, either by donating or signal boosting. We’re thrilled to have exceeded our goal thanks to your generous support.

Because TWIF had to take a break for the membership drive (and other important OTW announcements), we sort of missed a big story, but since the conversation it started is still ongoing, we’ll talk about it here this week. Yup, we’re referring to The Szechuan Incident. (more…)

5 Things an OTW Volunteer Said

Five Things SoyAlex Said

Every month or so the OTW will be doing a Q&A with one of its volunteers about their experiences in the organization. The posts express each volunteer’s personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the OTW or constitute OTW policy. Today’s post is with SoyAlex, who volunteers as a staffer at Fanlore.

How does what you do as a volunteer fit into what the OTW does?

Part of OTW’s mission is to “preserve the history of fanworks and fan cultures”, which is exactly what Fanlore tries to do. Documenting what fan history I know, and helping other fans do the same, is something that really appeals to me, which is why I ended up volunteering.

Fandom is huge and multilayered, complex and incredibly rich. It’s also forever changing and unfortunately fleeting. One of the saddest things for me, when it comes to contemporary fandom, is that it shines bright, burns hot, and quickly forgets. Those fans who remember don’t always want to share their experiences, because they either don’t consider themselves “experts”, or they don’t think their personal experiences aren’t representative of the rest of their fandom.

I suspect they simply don’t realize that no side of fandom is too small to put on Fanlore, no personal experience too minor to document. You could say that my personal mission, to go along with the OTW’s and Fanlore’s, is to try and convince every fan I come across that they have something to contribute to Fanlore. I’m happy to report no restraining orders have been filed against me. Yet.


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This Week in Fandom, Volume 62

Welcome to This Week in Fandom, the OTW’s roundup of things which are happening! Before we start, kudos to the stars and fans of CW shows, especially Supernatural, for raising over US$300,000 for victims of hurricane Harvey. Great work!

The biggest fandom event of the week–possibly of the year–is one many people never thought would happen. The author of the infamous Harry Potter fanfic My Immortal has been revealed. A couple weeks ago, there was a scandal involving a book called Handbook for Mortals appearing on the New York Times bestseller list. Some fans found the book to be so poorly written that they compared it to My Immortal, and things just kind of escalated from there.

There’s a very thorough account of what happened in a pair of articles by BuzzFeed: Article 1, and Article 2.