Organisationen för Transformativa Verk (OTW) är en ideell organisation skapad av fans för fans för att ge tillgång till samt bevara fandomhistoria, verk av fans och fankulturer.

  • OTW Fannews: Spotting Fanworks

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    Business 2 Community featured fan video work in a recent post and looked at some stats. "In the past 30 days, Doctor Who has garnered 7.9 million views on YouTube with 355 videos uploaded about the show. Doctor Who also had its series 8 premiere in this window of time...By comparison, BBC’s Merlin (which has been off the air for nearly three years) had around 33 thousand views across 140 videos in the past 30 days. It is apparent that new official content drives views, but fandom still makes videos even without any new footage available. If we compare Doctor Who with smash hit Harry Potter for the past 30 days, Doctor Who still wins. But Harry Potter still has a healthy 2.8 million views across 89 videos."

  • OTW Fannews: Fandom Business

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    OTW's ally organization, Public Knowledge, is sponsoring a contest for remixers. In an effort to highlight the problem of consolidation in the U.S. cable industry, they are asking remixers to "[t]ake one or more of the recent highly publicized customer service calls with Comcast (or go to town with one of your own experiences) and let your imagination go to work. We want to see remixes, mashups, autotunes, interpretive dances -- whatever you think of to broadcast these real customer service calls with Comcast." If you win, "Public Knowledge will pay your last Comcast bill, up to $200, and spread the word about your creation." Visit their post for more details.

  • Strategic Planning Update #11

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    Spotlight on Strategic Planning

    Greetings from the Strategic Planning committee!

    The Strategic Planning committee is beginning to move into a new and exciting phase of our process. As we gear up to attend the Board retreat in early October, we are concentrating on finishing off our information-gathering process so that we can bring as much data to the Board as possible. To that end, we have been busily finishing up our interviews and surveys of the remaining OTW committees and workgroups. We’re also taking the month of September to touch base with committees we surveyed more than six months ago. Being prepared for the Board retreat is our main priority at the moment, but we are also continuing to work on reports and hope to have fresh reports for OTW supporters to read soon after the retreat!