More Archive Updates!

Our Chair of ADT (Accessibility, Design, Technology), the team responsible for building the Archive of Our Own (AOOO, AO3) has been blogging about her committee work and the status of the Archive on her LJ; from now on, we will be crossposting those entries here and across our various platforms.

Her latest entry is, “…am I too late to the party?” (The answer, btw, is, “No!”)

ADT have also added two additional question & answers to our FAQ:

How can I stay up-to-date with the progress of the Archive?


How can I get an account on the Archive?

More news soon!

Election Season Begins

Election season is upon us! Two seats are opening on the Board at the end of this term, and the polls are scheduled to open November 18.

If you want to vote: You’ll need to be a paid member of the OTW by October 18, one month before the election.

If you want to run: You’ll need to have served a full term of committee service in the two terms prior to the election. Current and former staffers considering running should contact elections via our web form by September 23.

If you want to know more: Thanks to the Webmasters committee, our Elections site is live. Here you’ll find the complete Elections FAQ, information on our tabulation system, and the timelines for candidacy, campaigning, election, and Board turnover.

Visit the OTW Elections website.