L'Organisation pour les Œuvres Transformatives (OTW) est une organisation à but non-lucratif créée par des fans pour les fans qui assure la préservation de l'histoire des oeuvres créées par les fans ainsi que des fancultures sous toutes leurs formes, et garantit leur accessibilité.

  • Happy SysAdmin Day!

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    Graphic by Aga of the OTW logo and the logos for AO3, TWC, Open Doors and Fanlore

    In honour of this year's SysAdmin Day, the OTW would like to salute system administrators everywhere for their hard work! We'd especially like to thank our own staff for the work they do to support the OTW and our projects.

    Our Systems Committee maintains the infrastructure that runs the Archive of Our Own, the site for Open Doors, and the platforms that host both Transformative Works & Cultures and the Fanhackers blog. They’re also the committee that makes sure Fanlore's servers are running properly.

  • OTW Fannews: Asking and Getting

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    The Daily Dot discussed Funimation's fanart stance with OTW Legal staffer Rebecca Tushnet. "'[I]t’s notable that there’s no mention of fair use...Fan art can be non-infringing fair use; elements of whether it is fair use include how transformative it is (how much new meaning and message it adds); whether it’s commercial or not; and whether it displaces a market for 'official' goods.' So it doesn't matter that they've declared they won't be going after commercially sold fanart? Not necessarily, according to Tushnet: 'It somewhat depends on what they actually do, but they are clearly claiming that fan art is in fact infringing copyright, even if they indicate they usually tolerate it. So I wouldn’t feel very reassured by this statement.'"

  • OTW Joins Save The Link

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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    The OTW is proud to join the Save The Link campaign. The campaign, led by Open Media International, stands for the proposition that linking is the foundation of the Web and is essential to freedom of expression online. The OTW, together with the other Save the Link members, believe it is wrong to censor links to content or otherwise penalize services for utilizing hyperlinks.