OTW Fact Sheets and Graphics

Want to let people know about the OTW? These flyers provide all the basics about the OTW. They can be posted on websites to share our details with your readers or you can print and hand them out at conventions and other fan gatherings.


The OTW has no policy barring use of our logos on personal websites. We also don’t have any policy against creating unofficial sites for any of our projects, but it is important to us that people not be confused about the OTW’s involvement with any outside projects or products. For that reason, we ask that people do not use our logos in connection with any commercial goods or services without receiving express permission from us.

We also require that anyone who wants to use any of our logos in connection with any non-commercial goods or services make it clear that they are not associated with the OTW or AO3 and that their products or services are unofficial and are not sponsored or approved by the OTW or AO3. People are, of course, welcome to use the OTW’s name in the context of identifying, describing, or writing about the OTW, as long as they do not mislead people into believing they are associated with the OTW. We reserve the right to enforce our trademark rights.

Feel free to contact OTW Legal with any additional questions about OTW logos or other trademarks. If you are interested in a particular type of graphic content, contact our Communications Committee.

Grouped Logos
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Logo Banners
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