Die OTW (Organisation für Transformative Werke) ist eine von Fans gegründete gemeinnützige Organisation. Sie soll den Interessen von Fans dienen, indem sie ihnen einen Zugang zu Fankulturen und -werken in ihren unzähligen Formen bietet und deren Geschichte bewahrt.

  • Fanlore Invites You to Stub September!

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    While fans are welcome to edit Fanlore at any time of the year, next month the Wiki Committee is organizing a special event. Stub September is a challenge for anyone, newcomers and seasoned Fanlore editors alike, to pick a stub and expand on it. A stub is an article on Fanlore that is under-developed and missing important information. Right now, there are over 1600 existing pages on Fanlore that are already identified as stubs. You're invited to use the list to find a page where you know something about the topic, and edit the page to add your new information. It's as simple as that.

  • OTW Fannews: Reconsidering Fans & Fanworks

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    It's not unusual to find media articles or online posts with dubious declarations about fanworks' legal status, but it's less common to find posts that reconsider the topic. One writer for Business2Community took advice from OTW Legal staffer Heidi Tandy to better explore relevant legal cases and events. "One of the hallmarks of fan fiction is that it must be non-commercial. Yet many of the sites have ads on them – so aren’t they commercial? Not necessarily, says Tandy. 'Since 2002, there’s been a pretty clear distinction about what constitutes commercial vs. non-commercial publishing. I did a panel with Warner Brothers, and posed the question, ‘What if we put Google Ads or become an Amazon affiliate on our fan fiction site as a way to pay our server and hosting bills?’ And they said, ‘We have no problem with self-funding. What we have is a problem is with people selling things as if they are authorized or created by us or the original author.’'”

  • OTW Fannews: Terms in Use

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    As fandom has become more visible, the terms it uses have spread out into new areas. At this point various bands have written songs titled "Fan fiction" and Australian musician Geoffrey O'Connor has recently titled a whole album "Fan Fiction", while there is also a band with the same name.