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This Week in Fandom, Volume 24

September got off to a pretty spiffy start for us here at the OTW with an article from Inverse that talked about why people make fanworks and what the OTW does in fandom. (While the OTW gives many interviews, most resulting publications don’t actually talk about our mission, so this was exciting for us.) “Very often, fans come into [creating] fanwork because they’re not finding what they’re looking for, either from the show itself or from existing fan works,” the article says, adding that “what many creators have in common is the desire to shape their preferred narratives.” The article focuses on LGBTQ+ elements as a primary trait of many fanworks, and includes testimonials from fanworks creators about how “there’s just not a lot of mass culture that’s made for [LGBTQ+ people] and [their] tastes.” Is that why you create fanworks? Let us know in the comments!


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August 2016 Newsletter, Volume 105


Elections: It’s the final stretch! The Election is so close we can taste it! As it approaches, you may have some questions. Well buddy, we’ve got some answers! The Elections Committee website has seen the relaunch of our FAQ – back and more informative than ever. And from our lovely candidates come their Q&As, all answered, posted, and available for public viewing.

At this point in time the Membership deadline has passed. Anyone who became a member between August 24, 2015 and August 23, 2016, inclusive of both dates will be eligible to vote in the 2016 Election.

Voting instructions are up for this year. We will be sending out an email linking to the voting instructions within the next week. We will post to the website once that has been sent; please watch for that post. Also, we’ll be removing addresses that bounce, opt out, or mark that email as spam from our voter rolls, so those addresses will not be sent a ballot this year. Make sure you have whitelisted emails from and to ensure you can receive a ballot this year!

The next candidate chat will be on September 10 from 22:00 UTC to 23:30 UTC. The format and platform have changed! We’ve talked a little more in depth about that at our shiny new Elections Tumblr account. For more updates, follow us there! Did we mention how shiny and new it is? We’re quite proud.

It’s not just the Elections committee that’s busy; this month, Communications collaborated with Development and Membership on a mini voter drive ahead of the elections.