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OTW Legal at ReCreate Coalition: How It Works

On June 20, the Re:Create Coalition will host How It Works: Understanding Copyright Law in the New Creative Economy. The internet powers the local and national economy, enabling more than $8 trillion in e-commerce each year. At a time when creativity is flourishing, the panel of policy experts and creators will examine the rise of the new creative economy and how copyright law can strike the right balance in order to promote innovation and economic growth, rather than stifle it.


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May 2016 Newsletter, Volume 102


This month saw some improvements to the way Support and Abuse work. Five new Support staffers have finished their training and are now taking tickets, which will improve turnaround times. Support has also switched ticket trackers, streamlining their processes significantly.

In a similar vein, Abuse has proposed changes to the AO3 abuse reporting system which would require anyone submitting a complaint to provide contact details. The Abuse team says that these changes will reduce duplicate reports, allow staffers to contact people to discuss complaint outcomes, and follow up for more information when necessary.